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Emigration and Visas in Brazil


Emigration and Visas in Brazil

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Brazil Emigration

To move to Brazil permanently you'll need a Brazil Permanent Residence Visa. There are seven circumstances, one of which a person will have to fulfil before this is possible. These are:

Administrator, director or manager of a business corporation

This covers inter-company transfers. You must already be employed by the parent company or a subsidiary of it. There is no minimum period you will have had to be employed, however. You will need:

  • Proof that you are employed outside Brazil by the parent company, or a subsidiary of the Brazilian appointing company or;
  • To demonstrate that the Brazilian company is bringing in specialised labour that will transfer technology, increase productivity and/or bring social benefits or;
  • Proof that the company outside of Brazil or its parent has effected total foreign-capital investments of at least ?100,376 in the employing company in Brazil for each visa requested.

Administrator, director or manager of a start-up business

This is the circumstance most pertinent to you, probably, but it'll help if you also have the experience above. Planned and recent start-up businesses can apply for 3 visas maximum, initially issued for 2 years. To remain in Brazil you must prove that your business can fulfil the minimum criteria for investment or employment.


If you plan on investing ?25,225 or more in any 'productive activity', then Brazil will have you. You also have to show after 5 years how you have put people in work by doing so. 5 years is the initial conditional period you can obtain an investor's visa for.

Researcher or specialist

For this visa you must provide a document from the Brazilian Research Institution outlining why your services are of interest, a CV, and references, qualifications, diplomas etc.


If you are retired and over 50, but hope to set up a business at some point in the future, you can move to Brazil on a retiree's visa. You must transfer ?1010 per month to Brazil. You must also prove that your pension gives you the same amount. This will entitle you and two dependants to receive a visa. You have to prove an extra ?505 pension sum for each dependant after the second. As many dependents as you want can go with you and get a visa, as long as you can prove they are your dependants as determined by Brazilian law. You have to produce a statement from the body paying your pension stating how much you receive, and a bank declaration authorising the ?1010 monthly investment.

Marriage to a Brazilian citizen

This has to be cleared by the National Immigration Council. You have to supply a marriage certificate and witnesses statement. Apparently Immigration officials carry out a surprise visit to make sure you aren't in a marriage of convenience. Quite how they decide I don't know.

You can also get a visa if your children are (half) Brazilian. They have to be dependent on you.

Do I need a visa to visit Brazil?

Yes. The Brazil Temporary Visa takes three shapes:

Tourist Visa

If you're touring or visiting friends or family, you can obtain a tourist visa. You get 90 days in the first instance; you can then extend your visa for another 90 days, only once. This is done by filling in a form to the Brazilian Police. You have to provide a valid return ticket, and show evidence that you have the means to support yourself.

Non-resident short stay business visa

You can obtain one of these if you are working in Brazil for a one-off, but not being paid by anyone in Brazil. It's similar to the tourist visa, but you can be made to leave on the next plane if you're attending a business event and you only have a tourist visa.

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