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Day to Day Living in Brazil


Day to Day Living in Brazil

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Day-to-day Living in Brazil

How do I get about in Brazil?

In Brasilia and Rio public transport is good. There are underground networks and buses to even the most peripheral areas in these cities.

By Bus: There are a good many operators for long distance trips within Brazil and it is a convenient and economical way to go. If you spend a bit more the coaches offer surprising comfort too.

By Air: There are flight connections to most major regions, although not all are direct; you will often be taken through Brasilia or Sao Paulo. Three airlines that sell the pass are TAM (, Varig (, and Gol ( , the last of which is an economy internet/airport ticket sales only airline, with frequent flights to Rio, São Paulo, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza, Manaus, Belém, Campo Grande, and Brasilia.

By Train: This is not an option. Most of the railways were destroyed in times of conflict, and only a handful of passenger services survive.

Car Hire: Road safety in Brazil is minimal, and what little there is is often overlooked by Brazilians behind the wheel.

By Bike: In rural areas bikes are a common form of transport, and there are good roads with little traffic. In terms of getting around the cities bikes are not exactly accepted by other road users, but in Rio, Fortaleza and Recife there are cycle tracks along the beaches.

By Boat: Again, more of a leisurely way to get around, but if you happen to be in the Amazonian regions or the inland waterways of Brazil, the ferries are a traditional way (and often the only way) to travel. You'll see amazing sights in the most beautiful jungle settings in the world.

How do I relocate everything I need to Brazil?

Major companies that will move you, your business and all your belongings to Brazil include:

  • J.A. Coles Overseas Movers
  • Abels International Moving Services Ltd.
  • Sterling Relocation
  • Simpsons Removals and Storage Ltd.
  • Doree Bonner International
  • Moving Home Company Ltd.

Any other useful information?

Brazil's International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) letters are BR, and therefore so is its flight code.

The international dialling code for Brazil is +55.

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