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Financing a Business in Sweden


Financing a Business in Sweden

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Financing a Business in Sweden

A successful business start requires not only smooth administrative procedures, but also a good business strategy and secure financing. Sweden will guarantees the first, you have to work hard on the second and the third.

Companies requiring capital can apply for investment financing and business financing. Under special circumstances, companies can also receive financial support from authorities, research institutions and foundations.

Bank loans

Many banks offer loans to small and medium-sized companies. You may ask support from your bank in UK or directly in the target country. To browse the Swedish main banks visit The Swedish Bankers' Association website:

The banks make an overall evaluation in order to assess the risks associated with the loan and the repayment capabilities of the company.

Parameters of evaluation usually are:

  • Your experience, private financial situation, references and education
  • The business plan - if it is realistic and detailed enough
  • Other owners of the company
  • Have you got an accountant or financial help?
  • For already established companies, the bank also wants to see a statement of assets and liabilities, a balance sheet and perhaps also a tax declaration.

Other funding

ALMI Fretagspartner (Corporate Partner) AB is Swedih state-owned company which also offers financing. They offer:

  • feasibility study funding - in order to investigate the market potential of an innovation project.
  • company loan
  • micro loan - for companies with smaller capital requirements
  • innovation loan - for the development of innovation projects.
  • Export financing


Other resources

FOKUS Verifiering (Verification)

Provides development grants to investigate as to whether innovations are technically and commercially viable. Grants are also given for the protection of industrial property for research results which have a commercial potential.

The Knowledge Foundation (KK-Stiftelsen)

Support to small and medium-sized companies via two programmes; one is research oriented and the other is expertise/skills oriented.

Connect Sweden (Connect Sverige)

A non profit-making network which helps companies to find venture capital and private investors (so-called business angels).

The Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten)

The Swedish Energy Agency supports the development of ideas which can be of commercial value within the energy industry.

Industrial Fund (Industrifonden)

Industrifonden is a long-term investor which offers equity capital or loans to Swedish companies with the potential to grow in an international market.

Specific Programmes

NUTEK - Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

The authority provides corporate support via a number of specific programmes including:

  • Product development of goods and services in small companies
  • Supplier programme for the vehicle industry
  • The Power of Action with IT
  • Skills development within IT and secure electronic business processing.
  • Regional investment support
  • Regional business operations which are judged to become profitable and have long-term success
  • Employment grant

Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)

More information may be gathered contacting the Enterprise Europe Network:

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Organisations that can assist with Financing a Business

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