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Buying A Franchise in Sweden


Buying A Franchise in Sweden

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What About Franchising in Sweden?

At the start of 2006, the approximated number of franchises in Sweden was approximately 300; the majority of which are of Swedish origin. Constituting some 15,000 franchise units, employing 100,000 persons, the total turnover of Swedish franchising is approximately £6 billion. Nearly half of the franchisees are active in retailing, although consulting and eateries are also big fields of business.

Below are the top-ten franchise companies in Sweden:

  • Posten Sverige AB with 2,800 units
  • Svenska Turistforeningen with 309 units
  • Svenska McDonald's with 235 units
  • Sibylla/Nordic fastfood with 229 units
  • JCA Aktiebolag with 217 units
  • AB Svenska Pressbyran with 160 units
  • Elkedjan with 156 units
  • Fargtema with 132 units
  • Grona Konsum with 122 units
  • Tema Sportia AB with 110 units
  • Electrolux Home Svenska AB with 106 units
  • Dackteam with 100 units

Swedish Franchise Association - Svensk Franchise

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