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INDIPA Unternehmensservice GmbH

INDIPA Unternehmensservice GmbH supports foreign companies who are trying to acquire German customers. Our custom-made services, extensive network and our years of experience ensure that we provide first-class assistance to our clients who are trying to break into the German market.

Here is an overview of our main services:

1. German Customer service
Making use of INDIPA’s German speaking customer service team spares you the hassle of renting an office in Germany, furnishing it and recruiting German staff. Moreover, the INDIPA option is likely to be simpler, more cost-effective and quicker. INDIPA has long-standing experience in undertaking the German customer service on behalf of its clients, and the many successes we have achieved for our customers so far speak for themselves.
When we carry out the customer service on behalf of our clients, we come to regard ourselves as an active and integral part of their company. We work as if we represent a German branch of our clients‘ company. For example, we have direct online access to many of our clients‘ computer systems in order to swiftly and effectively carry out any purchasing orders that we receive. It goes without saying that we at INDIPA familiarise ourselves in detail with all of our clients‘ products and services so that we can provide outstanding customer care.

2. German phone number and business address
Quite a few Germans still feel more comfortable doing business with Germans! For this purpose you do not necessarily need to establish a German company. More important is to be easily accessible to your German customers. With a German phone number and a business address in Germany, German customers will not only find you quicker, due to the German appearance of your company, they can also contact you more easily. INDIPA can provide you with a German phone number and a business address in Düsseldorf within a short period of time.

German phone number
We will provide you with a phone number with the area code of Düsseldorf (0211). All incoming calls can either be directly connected to your company, or can be answered by us (in German) on behalf of your company. Besides, we are offering the possibility to install an answering machine outside the official office hours with a German message on behalf of your company. All the recorded messages will be sent to your company by e-mail.

German business address
Providing you with a German address, also includes our service of forwarding to you all the post we receive for your company. Besides we offer the use of our facilities in Düsseldorf.
Our clients make use of our facilities in Düsseldorf for face-to-face meetings with their customers or business partners. They also attend to their daily German business from our office. Our premises provide the advantage of being an easily reached destination for both you and your business partners from all over Germany.

3. Setting up a company in Germany
We accompany and support our customers throughout the complete foundation process and prepare everything necessary in close cooperation with them. INDIPA has a solid network of partners (including notaries, lawyers, tax advisors, translators) together with whom we have already established many German companies in a fast and efficient way. In most cases we needed less than two weeks, from the beginning to signing the deed of foundation. We ask our customers to come to Düsseldorf for one day only, as their presence is necessary to sign the deed of foundation and to open a bank account in the name of the GmbH or Mini-GmbH (called UG). We schedule and arrange for these appointments and accompany our customer to the notary and bank for translation purposes, if the customer wishes so. All the necessary paperwork beforehand and afterwards will be taken care of by INDIPA.

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