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Cultural Training in France


Cultural Training in France

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Cultural Training in France

Doing business in a foreign country isn't like visiting on a holiday: don't ever expect to get by with knowledge of a few words, or be so blinded to presuppose that the natives will speak English. More importantly, don't ever assume business is conducted in the same way universally.

But how can you properly prepare? There are many cultural training companies and schools which can help you prepare for the French culture. They offer cross-cultural grounding, bridging the translatory and protocolic gaps between nations and people.

Providing guidance in all areas of business and sociality, these companies are experts when it comes to team building training; negotiation training; management training; and diversity training. All training, of course, can be country-specific.

Tutorials can take many forms, so investigate which will be right for you and, if necessary, your employees.

Business Etiquette

The formalities and informalities; the how d'you dos and how d'you don'ts. Etiquette is one of the foundations of modern civilisation, and business in France is no exception. A business blunder, in some countries, could mean the difference between a deal and disrepute. Again, its all about culture ― if not adopting, at least recognising and respecting the traditions and protocols of a people.


Dress conservatively, but well. The French are highly conscientious of their appearance, so it is worth investing in appropriate clothing. Avoid bright colours for meetings, etc. It is rare that you will see a French businessperson loosen any clothing, such as ties or shirts. Refrain from wearing any overbearing jewellery or accessories.


Punctuality is treated far more casually in France than in the UK. The nation does not subscribe to egalitarianism, and therefore the ideas of stratification are observed in regards to class and rank. As in the UK, the French shake hands at the start and end of a meeting.

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