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Financing a Business in Croatia


Financing a Business in Croatia

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Financing a Business in Croatia

One needs money to make money. A strong business plan is necessary when starting a business in Croatia and you will need a lot of patience and boldness. Finance is often available for start-up operations, however a successful research may take a long while. Obviously your contacts (or your Croatian accountant's ones) and your bank in UK are the first options, but you may want to consider resources available in the target country.

The Croatian Promotion Investment Act is a relatively new law of the Croatian government. Under this regulation incentives are available to projects covering

  • the manufacturing sector activities
  • technology centres
  • strategic business support services

The incentive measures cover the investment projects which ensure environmentally friendly economic activities and pursue one or more of the following objectives:

  • Introduction of new equipment and modern technologies;
  • Introduction of new production processes and new products;
  • Increase in employment and a higher level of training of employees;
  • Modernisation and improvement of business activities;
  • Development of production processes involving more value added products;
  • Increase in international economic activities;
  • Increase in economic activities in the parts of the Republic of Croatia where the economic growth and employment rate fall behind the states average and in compliance with the regional aid map;
  • Development in respect of the provision of new services;
  • Energy saving;
  • Enhancement of IT activities;
  • Co-operation with foreign financial institutions;
  • Adjustment of the Croatian economy to the European standards.

As you can see the list is long, so if you think your business possibly meets one of the objectives you should try to apply. The single portal for the applications is the Incentive Section of the Croatian Trade and Investment agency On the website there is also a complicated investment incentive calculator which will tell you exactly how much money you can get.

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