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Banking in USA


Banking in USA

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  1. Still a good business move?

    hey there, me and the husband are planning to move our film collectables store to the usa (maybe even keep our existing one in the uk too) but we're unsure if this is such a good idea now. it is such a hard decision when all the advice we're getting is so mixed. some people seem optimistic for business in the coming year, others not. &l

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  2. Expanding cleaning company to US

    Hi, I would be interested in knowing whether it would be a good move to expand my cleaning company to the US. How would you go about doing this?

    Total Posts: 2 Last post by vroomr513

Banking in the US

Setting up an accountant in the USA is a very easy and smooth process indeed. Banking in the States is very similar to that of the UK and Europe. You will find many commercial banks, both national and international. To open a bank account in the United States, you will generally be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of address (bill, etc)
  • Form of ID (passport)
  • A deposit (variable, up to $500)
  • The majority of people create a checking account first. You will either be lucky and not be charged, or have to pay small nominal fee.
  • Cash machines (or ATMs, as they're called) are found absolutely everywhere. Internet banking has flourished too.


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