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Import/Export in South Korea

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South Korea Importing & Exporting


Use the A-Z list below to find contacts for your sector.

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  • Advanced Engineering
  • Agriculture, Horticulture & Fisheries
  • Business & Consumer Services
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Regeneration
  • Creative & Media
  • Defence & Security
  • Defence
  • Security
  • Education & Training
  • Energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Renewable Energy
  • Environment & Water
  • Waste Management
  • Waste & Waste Water Treatment
  • Waste to Energy
  • Sanitation & Remediation
  • Air Pollution and Noise Control
  • Enviromental Monitoring
  • Financial & Professional Services
  • Food & Drink
  • Global Sports Projects
  • Information and Communications Technology ICT
  • Communications
  • Electronics & IT Hardware
  • Software & Computer Services
  • Leisure & Tourism
  • Life Sciences
  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Marine
  • Mass Transport
  • Airports
  • Ports & Logistics
  • Railways
  • Retail and Luxury
  • Clothing, footwear & Fashion
  • Giftware, Jewellery and Tableware
  • Household Goods, Furniture & Furnishings
  • Textiles, Interior Textiles & Carpets
  • South Korea Exports:

    UK exports to South Korea have risen 21 per cent since 2003. The UK has a 1.2 per cent share of the South Korean market for goods and services. This compares with 0.6 per cent for France and 0.8 per cent for Italy.

    South Korea Imports:

    The balance of trade continues to be in South Korea’s favour. Since 2003, goods imported into the UK from South Korea have decreased from £2.5 billion to £2.4 billion (2010). They peaked, in 2008, at £3.5 billion.

    Export documentation

    If you are exporting to South Korea, you will need the following documents to clear Korean Customs: commercial invoice, certificate of origin, packing lists, bill of landing and maritime insurance.

    As an exporter of goods you need to develop an understanding of various issues, such as:

    • The legal and regulatory requirements
    • Your consignments have to comply with the paperwork involved
    • The right mode of transport, i.e. road, air rail and sea packaging and labelling
    • How freight forwarders can help you
    • Rules for dangerous goods

    Labeling and packaging regulations

    Country-of-origin labeling is required for commercial shipments entering South Korea.

    Further labeling and marking requirements for specific products, such as pharmaceuticals and food, are covered by specific regulations from the South Korean government agencies responsible for these items.

    Korean-language labels, except for country-of-origin markings that must be shown at the time of customs clearance, can be attached locally on products in the bonded area, either before or after clearance.

    The Korea Food & Drug Administration ( is responsible for setting and enforcing Korean labels for food products, other than livestock products. These are regulated by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries ( which also has its own set of standards for markings for the country-of-origin labeling of agricultural products.

    The Korean Customs Service( publishes a list of the country-of-origin labeling requirements by Harmonized System Code number. Local importers usually print Korean-language labels when imported quantities are not large, and can consult with the Korean Customs Service as to where they can be attached to the product. The Certificate of Origin should indicate the item’s description, quantity, price, place of origin, exporter and importer, and be written in English, Korean or French. For items shipped directly to South Korea from their country of origin, the Certificate of Origin should be issued by the relevant customs authorities or Chamber of Commerce. The items themselves should be clearly marked with their country of origin.


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