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Emigration and Visas in South Africa

South Africa

Emigration and Visas in South Africa

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South Africa Emigration

If you are going to live and work in South Africa you will need a visa. But if you are a British passport holder you can visit for up to 90 days without needing a visa. A visit to South Africa would be a good idea, and then you can see which part of the country appeals to you. There are several ways to get a visa; two of them are discussed below:

A General Work Permit

This visa is valid for up to three years - but extensions can be made. It usually costs R1500 - R3000. You will also need the following things:

  • A repatriation deposit to the value of a single plane ticket
  • An employment contract, signed, with terms and conditions of employment
  • The employer must obtain a certification from a Chartered Accountant of the job description, the fact that the position exists, and that it will be filled by the applicant
  • Independent certification of the applicant' skills, qualification and experience
  • A statement from the employer explaining the correlation between the needs of the position and the skills/qualifications/experience of the applicant
  • Proof that short-listed candidates have been interviewed
  • A letter from the employer to show that they have attempted to find a South African citizen for the post, and why they were not suitable
  • Proof of an advertisement
  • A letter of approval from the Department of Labour

A Business Permit

This is for people who want to invest in, open, or own a business in South Africa. The permit is issued for 24 month at a time. It costs R1500 - R3000 each time.

As well as documentation relating to marriage, divorce, birth etc, you will need:

  • Proof of funds available
  • To register with a statutory body if applicable
  • To have a business track record to show entrepreneurial skill
  • Proof that the business contributes to a geographical spread of activity
  • Proof that 5 people will be employed

You must also have certification from a Chartered Accountant that two of the following have been met (one must be the capital):

  • Proof that the business is in one of the listed business sectors
  • The export potential of the business
  • A transfer of technology new to South Africa
  • A business track record
  • Contribution to a geographical spread of economic activity
  • Capitalisation requirement of R2.5 million

A business permit is issued for 24 months at a time and costs R1500 - R3000.

For more information contact the South African Department of Home Affairs or the local South African Consulate:

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