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Day to Day Living in Austria


Day to Day Living in Austria

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Day-to-day Living in Austria


Austria's electricity and gas supplies are available throughout the country. Austrian tap water is of a very high standard and is safe to drink.


Public transport in Austria is very contemporary and reliable. The rail and bus networks span most areas of the country. However, you may need to travel to remote, rural areas by car; public transport is less frequent in those parts of the country.


Although high, the cost of living in Austria is not dissimilar to other European countries, such as England. Naturally, accommodation and prices are less expensive in rural areas than in major cities.


A high number of Austrians (over 50%) rent accommodation. In a major city, you're looking to pay upwards of 2,000 Euros a month for a two bedroom flat.


Weiner Schnitzel, goulash and strudel. Enough said.


Austria is a member of the pet travel scheme. The requirements are:

An animal must be implanted with a microchip

An animal must be vaccinated (rabies, etc)

An animal must be have a certificate from the Pet Travel Scheme


Without falling into the generalisation trap, Austrians are characterised by moderate behaviour and are conservative in their values. Germans and Austrians are not dissimilar in their attitudes to life. "Regimented and compartmentalised" is probably a superfluous way of saying they're organised.

Greetings are formal, and punctuality is revered.

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