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Export Documentation in Argentina


Export Documentation in Argentina

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Export documentation

You may need an export licence to export goods. For example, there are controls on exports of chemicals and military technology. Licence requirements may also depend on which country you are exporting to.

Export declarations

If you are selling goods within the EU, most goods are in free circulation and can be freely moved from the UK to other EU countries without customs controls or charges. Itís good practice to accompany shipments with a commercial invoice and a packing list if appropriate.

If you are selling to customers outside the EU, you need to declare your exports to HMRC. This is generally done electronically, using the National Export System. The declaration includes details of the classification of the goods being exported and which country they are going to. An authorised agent or freight forwarder can handle the customs declaration for you.

Export VAT

The services you provide to other businesses are charged VAT where your customer is based, not where your business is established. If you are supplying services to private customers, VAT is charged where the customer is based.

In most cases, you and your customers can use the current VAT reverse charge procedure to get your VAT back.

If you arenít sure if your customer is in business, ask them for a VAT number. If the customer is not VAT registered, then you can use other evidence, such as letters from their tax authority.

For VAT purposes, exports of goods are generally zero-rated. You need to keep copies of your VAT invoices and proof of export. This helps you prove that the goods left the country and that you do not have to pay any output VAT on them.

If your sales to EU countries and/or your purchases of goods from EU member states reach either of the thresholds, you must also complete the Intrastat supplementary declaration. Exports to countries outside the EU do not count towards the Intrastat threshold and do not need to be included. Intrastat thresholds are reviewed annually. The thresholds are £1.2 million for Arrivals and £250,000 for Dispatches.

Argentina Customs

Argentine Customs use the Harmonised System (HS) for classification of goods. Import duties are based on the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value.

There are import restrictions that can affect all goods and services. Your representative in Argentina will have to send the Argentine customs a Statement of Intention to Import (DJAI). The application can be approved in 10 days but delays usually occur. Anecdotal evidence suggests the regulations for this process are non-transparent and inconsistently applied. Many importers suffer important delays.

There are restrictions on access to foreign currency to pay imports. Your representative in Argentina must get approval from the tax authorities first.

The European Union has compiled a list of trade barriers for Argentina.

You can find more about import tariffs in the Market Access Database (MADB).

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Organisations that can assist with Export Documentation

  • > Britain & Latin America Logistics Ltd.

    Britain & Latin America Logistics assists exporters and importers through a specialised range of air/sea transport services alongside free guidance on customs related matters.

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  • > The Global Trade Professionals Alliance

    The Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) is a global trade organisation dedicated to the development of international standards to harmonise and facilitate inclusive and trusted trade.

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