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Expanding a Business in Holland


Expanding a Business in Holland

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Why Expand to the Netherlands

With the Netherlands just on our door step and excellent transport links it would seem like the perfect direction to move a new business. Sometimes known as Holland to you and me, its correct name is the Netherlands, as Holland is only one part of the country. Not the largest of countries in Europe but certainly one of the most dynamic centres for trade and industry. The Netherlands is the fifth largest export market for the UK. This incredibly flat country is full to the brim with culture, stunning architecture, interesting people and amazingly liberal approach to business and life.

Whats the Attractions for UK businesses?

One of the main attractions of expanding a business in the Netherlands is the low resistance and lack of barriers to market entry. With such a favourable location to the UK and the rest of Europe it re-exports between 60% - 70% of its imports. This makes it an ideal location for UK businesses to use the Netherlands as a springboard for exporting to the rest of Europe. Licensing or incorporating a business in Netherlands are also valuable options.

Business Opportunities

  • Petroleum and gas products and related services - Petroleum and gas products can be found in an incredibly large amount of products such as Asphalt, Diesel fuel, Fuel oils, Gasoline, Kerosene, Liquefied petroleum gas, Lubricating oils, Paraffin wax, Tar and Petrochemicals.

  • Medical and pharmaceutical products - Medical science has come along way in the last one hundred years and with the development of new and exciting medical technologies they is constant new developments in medical and pharmaceutical products.

  • Chemicals - The chemical industry can be big bucks and chemical are found in large amount of products. Also the increasing view of going green means the development and production of eco-friendly chemicals.

  • Telecommunications - The world has become a smaller place thanks to the development of telecommunications, with no sign of slowing down.

  • Office and Automatic Data Processing equipment - The business world has developed beyond what could have been imagined. With that companies require faster and more developed office and automatic data processing equipment.

Main cities, that are also good locations to consider setting up a business in the Netherlands are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, La Haye, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Groningue, Nimegue, and Haarlem.

Challenges the foreign Companies Face

At the turn of the century, the Netherlands experience a few lean years in its economy. However, the turnabout has been remarkable and although this was initially due to the export market, it has now leaked into consumer spending and investments. As with any new business adventure market research is the key. Before expanding a business in Netherlands, plan ahead what you expect your business to be and do and research all areas of the potential market. Checking costs of set up and running as well as the potential benefits of licensing, incorporating or registering a business in Netherlands.

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Organisations that can assist with Entering the Market

  • > Business Consultancy Services.

    Do you need advice from an expert in your field, on the ground? Need help finding the best route to market for your product or service?

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  • >

    When expanding your business to Holland, donít forget to protect your brand. We provide Trademark Registration Services in Holland and in the entire European Union.

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  • > Company formation services.

    Need to register a company or setting up a company?

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  • > Blue Marble Global Payroll

    Simplified Global Payroll Managing payroll across multiple countries is complicated Ė with unique requirements, systems, and deadlines in each country, it can be difficult to ensure compliance. Using manual processes or spreadsheets to manage payroll can lead to errors, data security issues, and penalties. Blue Marble solves your challenges with secure, cloud-based global payroll technology, aggregated monthly reporting, and in-country experts in 100+ countries.

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  • > MFFA Tax Advice

    MFFA Tax Advice is a Dutch based tax and accounting boutique (one stop shop) with offices in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Eindhoven. We provide forward-thinking and tailored Dutch tax advice for individuals and foreign companies operating cross border.

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