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Taxation in Portugal


Taxation in Portugal

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Taxation in Portugal

Income Tax

The income taxation rate in Portugal is progressive. Exemptions are permitted to those workers with a specific income.

All figures are in Euros

  • Up to 4,793 11,08% -
  • Over 4,793 until 7,250 13,58%
  • More than 7,250 until 17 979 24,08%
  • More than 17,979 up to 41,349 34,88%
  • More than 41,349 until 59,926 37,38%
  • More than 59,926 up to 64,623 40,88%
  • More than 64,623 up to 150,000 42,88%
  • More than 150,000 45,88%

Corporate Tax

The average set rate for corporate tax is 25%. A local tax is usually charged at a rate of 1.5%, bringing the total to 26.5%. Companies operating in the free trade zones of the Azures or Madeira are eligible for tax reductions depending on the type of business they run and the year in which the business was established.

VAT in Portugal

VAT in Portugal is 23% with a reduced rate of 6% - 13%

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