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Marketing a Business in Poland


Marketing a Business in Poland

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Marketing a Business in Poland

Setting up a business in Poland is more than just costs and procedures. It's more cultural acclimatisation than calculatory acumen. It's making sure your product or service fits the inclinations and idiosyncrasies of a nation; finding a way to culturalise your business in order to reap the same results your business has achieved domestically. This is accomplished through one simple step: effective marketing in Poland.

Marketing your business on indigenous soil is an art-form in itself; attempting to do it in Poland is nigh-on miraculous. Countries may be becoming more heterogeneous, but the foundations of a culture rarely budge for anything: their sensitivities, traditions, humour, discourses, protocols are essentially unchanging and stubbornly unaccommodating. Therefore, the identity of your product or service needs to seamlessly fashion itself upon a nation, not the other way around, shoehorned in, hoping for the best.

Advertising and Sales promotions in Poland

If you are expanding your business in Poland, television advertising is viewed as the most effective media in the countrys sophisticated consumer market. Viewed in virtually every home in Poland, television is regarded as important for both consumer goods and developing a companys image for a variety of goods and services. The cost of television advertising has risen sharply in recent years in line with demand. Radio is an alternative and a cheaper form of advertising if you are setting up a new business in Poland. There are over 200 local stations as well as 5 operators who broadcast nationally. There is also a sophisticated press in Poland, with national newspapers, such as Rzeczpospolita, a number of trade publications, and a well established classified advertising culture. Pricing is seen as the most important factor in the success of products but after-sales service is also very important.

The internet is seen as an important medium for reaching consumers, with a large number of Polish businesses buying and selling products online.

In terms of sales promotion, Poland is regarded as very regional, with urban dwellers generally wealthier than people living in rural areas. It is important to have a presence in the market and a face-to-face meeting is usually required if a deal is to be made. There are a significant number of agencies that will be able to assist foreign investors setting up a new business in Poland. If making initial contact with a Polish business, it is recommended that the contact is in Polish and the prices are in zloty (the Polish currency).

Cultural Sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity and understanding of protocol is paramount to effective marketing. The intricacies of a nation its beliefs, even its superstitions can make or break your business. Know the market; immerse yourself in it. Never assume your marketing strategy will be transplantable to a foreign country. There is only a slim chance language will translate well. Anglophonic countries may be susceptible, but if your product or service plays on a quintessentially British characteristic or joke the chances are, it will not be well received.

As for other countries, don't bank on using the same strap-lines or gimmicks. Unless they are perfectly transitional, your product or service could suffer especially if it relies on humour.

Unless you are certain your product or service can sell itself on indigenous merits, it is probably wise to revise its selling-points for a foreign market. As always, however, only your own fastidious research can conclude this.

There are several significant cultural traits, which a business that is expanding to Poland should acknowledge. For instance, identity is seen as an important part of Polish culture. Following centuries of invasion, Polish people are proud of their autonomy and cultural identity. Poland is also a family-focused society, where trust, honesty and close friendships cross over into business. Poland is also one of the Europes most devout Roman Catholic societies and upholds traditions such as marriage accordingly.

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