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GCE Global Solutions


We are "GCE GLOBAL SOLUTIONS" the global evolution of " GRUPO CONSULTOR EMPRESARIAL " with the acronym "GCE ®", a leader in the area OUTSOURCING IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT for business administration worldwide, we have established our own international network of partners in each country. We are important members guilds to Public accountants, lawyers, engineers, and specialists’ administrators, business marketing; In addition to having the support of expert professionals in different areas, we take care to evaluate your requirements and solve them as diligently as possible.

We have professional staff to assist you in identifying and formulating plans of business, investment foreign, representation national and international, Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Human Resources Mobility, Global Employ Payroll, Legal advice on commercial, labor and Civil supported in the different forms of contracting, such as:

Joint Venture, Outsourcing and Offshoring, among others, that will help your company to strengthen and dedicate itself to its main objective without setbacks.

Our accompaniment allows clients to maximize their efforts and resources in order to achieve the objectives set by the organizations, and in this way we contribute to the resolution of administrative and economic conflicts; If you wish, we will be the right hand of your company and the decision’s that you make in all areas.

We are currently part of the holding www.GCEGlobal.ORG ; We have clients and allies in more than 160 countries strategically located in EMEA, AMERICAS and APEC .

Our purpose is to facilitate your business in a globalized world, but with local experience.

We take care of making the evaluation of your company in relation to the services we offer and of presenting the diagnosis of it, pointing out its strengths and weaknesses, indicating the mechanisms to strengthen and improve, programming the strategies to be followed according to the needs.

Our slogan is: Entrusted the Development and Growth of your Enterprise in Specialized Personnel!


GCE®, born in 2001in Colombia, in 2010 it opens to the United States of America and expands its business throughout Latin America, in 2016 it expands its services to the East and in 2018 it is located in EMEA.In 2019, it is planned to establish its main businesses and contact network in Canada and the United Kingdom.


When we refer to "GCE Global Solutions “, we refer to a complete collection of factors. A company or corporation with employees in several countries can really talk about their payroll being " Global" that integral group of all those employees in that number of countries. We are an international service provider, can provide service in any country directly or through our international partner in each country. Our market is much wider. Therefore, to say that we are a "Provider Global" is because we can provide services in all countries.

Would you like your enterprise to have own local company in each country?

GCE Global Solutions, work how (ICP) International Country Partnership is a unique opportunity for GCE clients to work with local governments, institutions, companies, and corporate sponsors in partnership with GCE to develop their business in their respective countries internationally.


GCE®, offers its clients a group of complementary services, taken from the different technologies developed by and for theinternationalmarket:

OUTSOURCING ACCOUNTANT, FINANCIAL & TAX. We are expertaccounting management of all types of companies engaged in commercial activities or services or nonprofit, private or public, capital or persons;in which we apply the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, the International Accounting Standards-IFRS, the Audit and Statutory Auditing Techniques-NIA'S,established in the lawand norms that regulate accounting science, both nationally and internationally, we advise you continuously in matters of National and InternationalTaxes, we perform analysis and projection of cash flows, financial, management and operational indicators in general, we elaborate and evaluate internal control systems and in general we know the other aspects related to accounting science.We prepare accounting clearance for state companies.We process the accounting information in interactive software 100% web avoiding the transfer of documents from their place of origin and with the possibility of consulting the information in real time.

LAWYER OUTSOURCING: We tend all your queries and concerns regarding the Commercial Law, Civil, Governmental, tax and Administrative, as well as advice regarding:

  • National and International Arbitration
  • MultijurisdictionalLitigation
  • Insurance and Reinsurance Law
  • Civil and State Liability
  • Guardianship, Compliance, Popular and Group Actions
  • Corporate Law
  • Unfair Competition
  • Consumer Rights
  • Conciliations and Mediations
  • Contentious Administrative Actions
  • Business Law
  • Public and Private Contracting


Global Payroll Employ (PEO). With hundreds of contacts throughout the world, GCE Global Solutions already has the Country Partner (CP) that each client company needs to guarantee quality services where they are needed. We can exchange contacts, provide basic information quickly, initiate discussions and help you choose the right partner to work with. In this area we have incorporated all our efforts in the provision of OUTSOURCING HUMAN RESOURCES (HR), which can be In- House and Out-House. It is a specialization of our Outsourcing service, where our work team becomes your human resources department for permanent, temporary or project, with any number of people of all profiles and levels.

This service consists of the execution, by our work team, of all the steps of the work cycle of the employees that are at the service of our clients, covering:

  • Recruitment
  • Evaluation
  • Hiring
  • Payment and payroll
  • Administrative management
  • Delivery of additional items such as travel, cell phones, laptops, among others
  • Monitoring and occupational health and welfare programs
  • Monitoring and performance evaluation programs

COMMERCIAL AND MARKETING OUTSOURCING: We structure a commercial strategy aimed at the positioning of your products, distributing them in a potential market based on the sales budgets established by the company.We also put you in contact with companies and people in charge of the marketing, marketing and development of your product both nationally and internationally.

We provide our partners with online communication and positioning platforms, databases and support so that your company can improve its commercial activity. We accompany in Business Roundtables in the country where GCE has a presence through Walk Trading; we are part of the worldwide network of Virtual Offices and Business Centers and we transmit our online magazine in GCE Radio TV, which reaches thousands of followers on a weekly basis by Facebook Live.

· For clients requiring corporate image development, corporate strategy development entrepreneurship from the planning and media strategy, Social Networks, Web pages, Brochure, Logo, banners, etc. That are part of the business environment mentioned above.


Working as an external entity for our client companies, we seek to streamline and maximize the professional and financial resources so that they dedicate themselves totheir own"Core Business"


Consolidate in the year 2025as the best group of professionals internationally identified with the acronym GCE®Global.



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