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  1. Starting a business in Italy

    HelloLooking for information on how to start a business in Italy. Have been thinking about a nail salon. Any information you can provide would be helpful.ThanksMary

    Total Posts: 4 Last post by macoluco

  2. Starting a Business in Greece

    Hi, I would like a hint on what do I need in order to start up a business in Greece! I am US citizen, I have a MA in Psychology. What would I need in order to open a practice or open a kindergarten for people who want their kids to learn English?

    Total Posts: 5 Last post by macoluco

Case Studies - Canada

  1. Business Makeover, Canadian Style


    What I can say is that, if you are planning to start a home-business in Canada, you need to plan, plan, plan! It all starts with a good or passionate idea. It was only last year when I came to Vancouver, Canada, to start my cosmetics business. It's only small, and I work from home.

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