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Taxation in Argentina


Taxation in Argentina

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Taxation In Argentina

What is the tax like?

The Federal Government, based on a progressive taxation of personal income, collects income tax in Argentina. Taxation in Argentina is based on an incremental scale of 9 to 35%:

  • 9% on income between 0 and 10,000

  • 14% on income between 10,001 and 20,000

  • 9% on income between 20,001 and 30,000

  • 23% on income between 30,001 and 60,000

  • 27% on income between 60,001 and 90,000

  • 31% on income between 90,001 and 120,000

  • 5% on income of 120,001 and over

Corporate tax is paid at a flat rate of 35%.

For other partnerships, taxation is charged to each partner in accordance with an incremental scale ranging from 9 to 35%, dependant on the amount of taxable income.

Do I need to pay tax?

As Argentina taxes residents on income which they generate inside and outside of the country, if you wish to be a permanent resident you will owe tax. If you do not earn any income in Argentina then you are not required to pay taxes on income earned abroad.

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