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Dubai is strategically located on the world map that connects the growing gold and precious metal trade flows to and from the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Europe and Africa. More than 25% of the world’s physical god passed through Dubai, which is around $70 Billion in gold trading alone.

Personal Tax Residency Certificate required urgently.

One of our clients, John, called the office on Wednesday 27th February at 3.10pm saying that he urgently needed a Tax Residency Certificate and that he needed it on that day as he was flying out of the UAE on the same date.

Manchester Growing Start Up

Long Term Lease vs Serviced Offices

Start Up Organisation

How do you really need to work? When starting a new venture, there is a great temptation to jump straight in and acquire the space you anticipate requiring. However, it is no longer necessary to over commit on office space in the early stages of a start-up organisation.

The Interface Finanancial Group

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Business case studies

Case Study – Professional Services


Type of Business – Design and installation of networking fibre optic and structured premises cabling for VARs and end users in the computer industry.

The client’s largest customer changed their payable pattern from 30 days to 60 days, and also increased the number of contracts given to the client, creating cash flow problems for the client.

The client had heard ‘a lot of horror stories’ about factoring, but once Interface’s invoice discounting service was explained he could see IFG as different from factoring. The client liked the flexibility of the Interface invoice discounting programme, and was especially pleased he received funding in very short order.

Case Study – Professional Services


Type of Business – Produces 3D animation primarily for architectural firms and commercial property companies.

The client’s primary customer base was composed of commercial property companies. The downturn in the economy was adversely affecting these customers and therefore the client. Ultimately the client fell behind in their financial obligations.

Interface was able to work through the many challenges of the client’s financial situation, including it’s global customer base, and funded the client by developing an invoice discounting plan for their accounts receivables.

Case Study – Professional Services


Type of Business – A specialist business consultancy providing cutting edge IT solutions.

The client has increased its turnover over the last 12 months and is starting to achieve greater success with larger customers; resulting in the need to purchase additional hardware, advance payment of increased programming time, and an increase in staff.

Cash flow issues began because the increased business created date-sensitive financial obligations. Single invoice funding by Interface was what the client wanted – no fixed term contracts, ease and flexibility of use were paramount to this client. The client uses Interface when they need to and can plan their cash flow around the Interface service.

Case Study – Manufacturing


Type of Business – Design and manufacture of leather goods.

The client needed to pay a major supplier by the end of the month, and their large multi-national customer was not due to pay until the middle of the next month. The client needed funding for a single invoice, not full-line factoring.

The client is a young company and none of the other lending facilities they contacted would finance a single invoice. Interface purchased the single invoice within days of the client’s request.

Case Study – Manufacturing


Type of Business – Designs, manufactures and sells clothing to upscale shops.

The client has an opportunity to expand her business and needed additional working capital. She went to several banks; one said no because they simply were not extending credit to small businesses, another said yes but it would take 45-60 days to complete the application process.

The client needed funds within 3 days to start a new apparel line for a new customer. Interface’s invoice discounting programme was exactly what she needed — speed, simplicity (no fees, no monthly minimums, no long-term contracts), and a local Interface office.

Case Study – Manufacturing


Type of Business – IT/Business solutions company that provides software training.

The owners of the business are all IT professionals who left their corporate management positions to start their own business; for years they funded themselves using private and family funds.

The client is achieving rapid growth by penetrating some of the niche markets in the IT industry. As a result their business has outgrown their available financial resources. Their customers are large industry-leading companies, and when one of them began paying invoices more slowly, the client experienced a cash flow problem.

Interface’s invoice discounting programme proved to be very successful in meeting the client’s occasional need for working capital. With no long-term contracts and no limitations in funding amount, the client has effectively used the programme several times in the past year. In particular they like the speed and flexibility Interface affords them.

Case Study – Business Services


Type of Business – Provides hospital housekeeping, floor stripping & waxing, and biohazard cleanup services to major hospitals.

Due to a change in the bank’s credit requirements for business lines of credit (LOC), the client’s line of credit was being cancelled. This was a serious blow for the client, as they used the LOC to meet weekly payrolls. In fact, their cash flow situation was so serious that company partners had been using personal savings to meet payroll.

While the client’s customers were large and financially sound, their payment pattern was not so — a handful paid routinely in 15-30 days, however, several of the large hospitals paid anywhere from 30 to 60

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