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Case Study - Golden View UK Ltd

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Dubai is strategically located on the world map that connects the growing gold and precious metal trade flows to and from the Indian subcontinent, South East Asia, Europe and Africa. More than 25% of the world’s physical god passed through Dubai, which is around $70 Billion in gold trading alone.

Personal Tax Residency Certificate required urgently.

One of our clients, John, called the office on Wednesday 27th February at 3.10pm saying that he urgently needed a Tax Residency Certificate and that he needed it on that day as he was flying out of the UAE on the same date.

Manchester Growing Start Up

Long Term Lease vs Serviced Offices

Start Up Organisation

How do you really need to work? When starting a new venture, there is a great temptation to jump straight in and acquire the space you anticipate requiring. However, it is no longer necessary to over commit on office space in the early stages of a start-up organisation.

Case Study - Golden View UK Ltd

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Our client needed a set of articles to be translated from English into Simplified Chinese.

These articles were published on their website which consists of dynamic web pages, database etc.
And the client can't provide source file in Word format, but only give us the webpage URLs.

Client's requirements seem simple: only translate the articles and publish them with their username and password, and of cause they also need the format should be kept as same as English exactly.

When we check the articles, we find there are some challenges:

  1. how to prepare source file for translation? MS Word or other format?
  2. the articles' page contain lots of program code sections which are examples demonstrated by the author for teaching how to program. These parts are not to be translated.
  3. the articles are diverse, and the sentences are set with many kind of format such as bold, underline, italic etc.. If we have to do formatting in post-translation steps, that would be really a time consuming work.

Firstly, someone instinctively proposed that copy text from URL locations into Word files, and after finishing the translation and review, paste them back to website and do publishing. This will cause 2 problems: 1. program code will be mixed with the body text and it is hard to count exactly how many words to be translated. 2. the work load of formatting will be huge.

After checking, researching and experimenting, we create a nearly perfect solution to meet client's needs. Primarily, we should agree that Trados Translation Memory tool is a must for this project in order to keep the target format same as the source. Then the steps are:

1. download the specific web pages to local machine in html format which will inherit the exact format elements as described above.
2. design and create INI file for these html to block the program code sections. So we can calculate the exact word count for making quotation.
3. translate these html files with using Trados and create the target html files
4. log in the client's website and copy the translation text from target html files and paste them into the publishing area.

In this way, we saved time and money for the client and cut off the unnecessary workload. The most important thing is achieving a perfect outcome and make the client happy with our smart work.

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