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  • Pedro Simões

    Pedro Simões

    With more than 15 years of experience in the Accounting field, Pedro Simões established Acoq, in 2004. Pedro Simões has a High Degree in Management from the “Universidade Autónoma”, in Lisbon, and du...

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Business Information is presently a key word that will strongly affects your future .

Our Service intends to provide information for management necessary to Create, Maintain and Develop businesses.

The different services at your disposal are:

  • General , Analytical and Budgeting Accountancy;
  • Budget Costs Control;
  • Tax Compliance ( Setting , Planning, Diagnose and Reporting );
  • -Price Transfer File;
  • Individual Tax Advice ( Non Habitual Resident Status & Golden Visa)
  • Business Plans : Set Up, control and analysis of its results;
  • Fiscal Representation.
  • Salaries pay-roll;
  • Managing, Financial and Labor Advising.


Living in Portugal for a non born individual can be a huge problem.

We will help you to find your place in a smooth way, and that´s the first step for you to enjoy Portugal and all amenities available for you.

The different services for individuals in this field at your disposal are:

  • Private and Corporate Investment Advice;
  • Concierge Service ;
  • Negotiation of Investing in a Property to live or to explore under the Local Lodging system (Short Term rentals), including Licensing and reporting all legal obligations;
  • Advice available on the full process of Golden Visa and support on administrative procedures;
  • Administration Management of Property ;
  • Support to financial affairs (Setting Bank accounts, Insurances, Condominium affairs, Utilities (Light,Gas, Water, TV, Phone);
  • Financial & Management Reports on Properties ;

Contact Details

Rua Abade Faria, 36, Lj. Esq.
2725-475 Mem-Martins
Rua Sophia de Melo Breyner,
Urbanização Quinta da Correeira, Lote 43, 1 º A
8200 001 ALBUFEIRA

Visit Website

00351 21 9205225

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