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22/07/2014 11:55:40

Do your mail and logistics providers need to be ‘local’ to your country of business?

We work in an ever smaller world. The rise of global supply chains means that, whether your new business is involved in retail or manufacturing, the chances are your regular shipments and deliveries will involve products or parts from a number of different countries and probably continents.

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      Does anyone know of any government help or additional funding I can receive in canada??? Michelle

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  2. Australia Question

    Hi there, Does anyone know if Australia has a free trade agreement with any countries? Any help appreciated!

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News - Australia

  1. New UK visa rules help Aussie businesses and students

    Australia 03/10/2013 16:20:14

    Recent changes to the UK's visa rules will make it easier for Australian businesses and students to secure the visas they need.

  2. Australian visas

    Australia 28/05/2013 17:13:11

    The embassy have changed their fees and application forms.

  3. Oz Forex

    Australia 04/04/2013 15:58:43

    Daily Market Commentary Australia FX

  4. Australia Makes Necessary Cut-Backs

    Australia 01/04/2009

    Australia is to cut back on jobs for migrant workers in an attempt to battle unemployment during the economic crisis.

  5. Down Under Looking Rosier Than Ever For Brits On The Move

    Australia 29/03/2009

    British citizens living in Australia are privy to a far lower cost of living than those living abroad in other countries that are popular with Brits, such as France and Spain.

  6. Australia New Trade Assessment Process

    Australia 16/03/2009

    Australia has been making accessibility easier for those immigrating with a trade skill

  7. Aussie Dollar Finally Sees Plateau

    Australia 16/03/2009

    The cent has been expected to fulfil speculation made by regional and international equity markets for some time now.

  8. Record Number of Britons Heading Down Under

    Australia 06/02/2009

    Recessional times and gloomy weather have sparked an exodus of emigrants to relocate Down Under to make their millions and start a new life.

  9. Australia Changes Skilled Entry

    Australia 09/01/2009

    Australia has just introduced new criteria on which immigration and citizenship applications will be considered and merited.

  10. Australia Cuts Key Interest Rates


    The Australian central bank slashed its key cash rate to a unprecedented low of 3% this past Tuesday.

  11. Not So Perth-ect For Businesses In Western Australia


    Down Under they're blaming the Chinese. The region finds itself in the precarious position of relying upon the Chinese markets, and to a certain extent, the Indian economy as well.

  12. Richard Gregan Discusses Australian Emigration Opportunities


    Due to the economic slowdown, there have been more enquires from overseas, particularly Europe, USA, India and the UAE .

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