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25/07/2014 14:14:28

Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

From 1 January 2015 significant changes will be introduced in the EU VAT legislation for the provision of services in the areas of telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services.

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    With a population of over just over 80 million people, Germany is Europe’s most populous country and has the largest and most powerful national economy in the Eurozone and is poised to overtake the USA and become the world’s second largest exporter after China. This, combined with the fact that Germany is the UK's biggest European export market and second largest worldwide, makes it a particularly

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News - New Zealand

  1. Record-Low Unemployment Spells Vast Opportunities In New Zealand

    New Zealand 16/03/2009

    Skilled Worker applicants will now find a much vaster range of career options to choose from, opening a door of opportunity for migrants who may have struggled to qualify in the past.

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    There have been a number of changes to visa legislation in New Zealand over the last 18 months which were intended to make the process of applying for visas much more straightforward and clear for applicants.

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