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The Most Expensive Business Cities In The World

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The Most Expensive Business Cities In The World

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No matter how appealing business may appear in certain places, the cost of living could fracture your livelihood completely.

Perfect Business Versus Perfect Living: Can You Find The Balance?

The cost of living getting you down? You're not the only one. Relocation due to the expense of living in the UK has never been higher. And with an economic downturn, rising inflation, and fuel costs to consider, things aren't showing any signs of slowing soon. They say the grass is always greener, and this is certainly the dictum being adopted by many Brits looking for more affordable and prosperous living.

Well, there's plenty of cheap destinations to choose from – but the question is, where do you steer away from? So, what follows is a selection of the most expensive places to live. Because no matter how appealing business may appear in certain places, the cost of living could fracture your livelihood completely.

Newcomer to capitalism – and all the vast opportunity which that brings – Moscow is in the top three most expensive cities in the world. A cup of coffee can put a £5 dent in your pocket – twice the price of a London cuppa.

Number-one spot, however, is taken by Tokyo: £2,500 a month for a two-bed flat is enough to give anyone second thoughts, no matter how inviting the business prospects are.

Even the deceptive tax-lure of Switzerland isn't enough to detract potential emigrants. It ranks number four after Russia, and is followed by Hong Kong at number six.

Here are the world's top twenty most expensive cities – something to consider alongside your choice of business locations:

  1. Tokyo, Japan

  2. Osaka, Japan

  3. Moscow, Russia

  4. Geneva, Switzerland

  5. Hong Kong, Hong Kong

  6. Zurich, Switzerland

  7. Copenhagen, Denmark

  8. New York, USA

  9. Beijing, China

  10. Singapore, Singapore

  11. Milan, Italy

  12. Shanghai, China

  13. Paris, France

  14. Oslo, Norway

  15. Caracas, Venezuelan

  16. London, England

  17. Tel Aviv, Israel

  18. Rome, Italy

  19. Helsinki, Finland

  20. Dubai, UAE

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