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China Case Study: Establish Presence and Export Facility

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China Case Study: Establish Presence and Export Facility

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The Blayson Group Ltd is one of few British companies in the SME category to export their products to China.

Supplied by our China business expert, Yintong  Betser.

The Blayson Group Ltd is one of few British companies in the SME category to export their products to China. As early as 2001 Blayson became interested in promoting their products in Chinas Investment Casting Market, the corporation is thus one of Actives long-term partners. Actives Chief Executive, Yintong Betser, has been appointed officially as their Chinese Consultant, providing personal and flexible communication services to assist and continue their marketing penetration.


Consolidate market entry and increase market share.

Personal Consultancy Assistance:

  • Active translate all of Blaysons company literature and technical specifications into Chinese.
  • Travel and meeting arrangements are co-ordinated.
  • Impartial interpretation is provided for crucial negotiations and educational seminars.

Market Research:

Market entry is a long commitment and requires continuous effort. To strengthen Blaysons market positioning, Active was commissioned to perform an Investment Casting Market research study. This three-week long investigation took Yintong and a Blayson colleague to 25 foundries across the country. The results of the research provided a clear and thorough picture of the industry in China. Meanwhile, the report provided first-hand facts and figures for the Managing Director Ron Williams industry paper at the annual International Investment Casting Conference.

Market Entry:

Blayson had already nominated a local agent when Active became involved with their company. The sales volume, however, had not been satisfactory. Through Actives own network, an alternative agency was established to strengthen its sales force in another part of the country. Working closely with The Blayson Group Ltds head office, Active continues to support the Client Companys interactions with their agencies.

Advantages of working with Active:

  • Manpower: Active took on the administrative tasks so that Blayson could concentrate on their business strategic decision making

  • Office space: Active operates on their own premises, saving Blayson office space.

  • Low retainer, less overheads: with a limited retainer, Active can be at hand at all times.

  • Extra bonus: Originally Blayson hired Active for support. Our local network ensured that Active became the eyes and ears for Blayson, consequently recruiting another agent to strengthen its sales.


My experience of working with Active is very positive. Initial market research was carried out successfully in our specialist sector. This was followed by visits accompanied by Yintong who made the arrangements, set up the meetings and acted as interpreter and co-negotiator. As a result of our co-operation we have a clear understanding of the market we serve in China and strong sales. The importance of being able to work with a company in whom you can place absolute trust cannot be overstated. China is very different and simply cannot be accessed alone and Active continues to provide Blayson with excellent close support.

Ron Williams, Managing Director

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