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Worldbox Business Intelligence

Worldbox is a long-established and trusted provider of business, due diligence and credit information. This includes company credit reports, due diligence research, company registration data and profiling, financial statements, offshore data and legal document retrieval services with 100% global coverage - both developed and emerging markets.

Worldbox is well-connected and resourced to research and source hard-to-find information even in developing regions - quickly and cost-efficiently. This is for clients who depend on accurate information to make crucial business decisions for international trade – including export credit risk and due diligence for M&A, Anti-Bribery Act compliance, corporate investment and KYC.

World-class business information specialist since 1994

Main International Offices:

Switzerland (HQ), UK, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and India

“Desks” these are usually 1 person or small research team that work on our behalf that conducts the raw research on the ground while our research team from our European offices conducts further internet research and establish relationship data. These Desks also acts as a co-ordinator for other surrounding countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

Worldwide network: central research hubs and local on-the-ground investigators

Unrestricted services – wide range of core services delivered fast - can be customised to meet client needs

Quality control - of highest level: reporting quality and content, prompt and accurate query

resolution and customer service communication, database systems and electronic delivery

Volume capacity: well-resourced to bulk process any reports volume to consistently high standard

Key Products and Services – Worldwide

Credit reporting

Due diligence, compliance and investigative reporting for management consultancy

specialists, financial institutions, corporations, SMEs law and accountancy firms: to conduct due diligence on partner, distributor, supply chain and trading companies to check for compliance, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering and company tracing

100% global coverage: developed and emerging markets

Online database - online information services gateway to 10 million companies worldwide at access for downloads, updates and fresh investigations: via unique personal registration account, login ID and password

Database coverage:

10 million companies globally

100% global publicly listed companies – plus linked data on parent, associate and subsidiary entities where available

Group structures, ownerships and linked relationships clearly shown

Linkages/Relationships -

Relationship data via linked report information: linkages andrelationships of the subject company in group ‘family tree’– via single ID number unique to each company - to:

  • Associate/subsidiaries,/sister companies
  • Ownership: companies which the subject company/director owns or in which the have shareholdings
  • Ultimate parent: subject’s owner’s ultimate parent

Offshore reporting: with linkages to parent/associate/sister companies in Caribbean and Western

Offshore jurisdictions, e.g. British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Liechtenstein. Reports include relationship data on these linked companies, including financial statements where available

Financial statements and filed accounts where available

Company documents and extracts from the legal authorities – e.g. Companies House or the Courts – in original language

Legal documents - certified, translated, when needed

Company Registration

Directors’ searches - reports on individuals: directors with shareholdings and ownerships of other companies

Reports on individuals - on application: available worldwide, case-by-case, customised to specific needs dependent of jurisdiction privacy laws

Land and property searches

Monitoring/Revision: ‘WATCH LIST’ management or 1 immediate report + 2 update alerts annually

Site visits (includes photos, discreet enquiries and investigations) – on application

Reports Languages in English, German, Italian

XML & Data Feeds: structured format database, fully fielded and can be outputted as XML/data feeds

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