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Cross Border VAT Support Ltd

For businesses trading goods or services throughout the EU, the complexity of accounting and VAT requirements can often be overwhelming. With each country having its own unique set of laws, understanding and complying with the ever-changing legislation can be both challenging, and time consuming.

Cross Border VAT Support Ltd provides a one-stop shop for all your cross border VAT requirements. Via a single point of contact, your dedicated account manager will ensure that wherever youíre trading, your business is 100% VAT compliant.

Our services include:

  1. VAT support for online and eCommerce businesses
  2. VAT registration
  3. VAT compliance
  4. VAT consultancy

Online & eCommerce businesses

For online and eCommerce businesses selling goods to customers in multiple countries, understanding and complying with the various VAT requirements isnít always easy.

For example, if you sell goods to customers in the EU, either through your own website or via stores like Amazon and eBay, you will have to pay local VAT if you exceed the countryís distance selling threshold, the most common of which is €35,000 per tax year.

However problems can occur when goods are delivered to a warehouse in a specific country (e.g. Germany), before being sent to a customer in the same country (e.g. a German consumer).

Under these circumstances, distance selling thresholds are deemed to be zero, and you are required to register for VAT from the beginning of your activity in that particular country. This also applies to businesses using EU fulfillment centres like Amazon.

For business that sell online services as opposed to tangible goods, you may have to pay VAT regardless of the value of your annual sales.

Our eCommerce expertise has assisted hundreds of online businesses in getting started, not only guiding them through the VAT registration process, but by using software (via our dedicated partners) to automatically highlight your VAT obligations when selling and warehousing products in multiple countries.

VAT Registration

The European Union currently consists of 28 countries (including the UK until the 29th March 2019), and each country has its own national VAT registration thresholds.

Referred to as EU Distance Selling Thresholds, if a foreign company is selling below these limits, then it does not need to register for VAT. However you must register for VAT:

  • If your company exceeds any of these thresholds within a calendar year


  • Your company stores goods in a warehouse in a specific country, before being sent to a customer in the same country

Through our network of multilingual VAT experts, our one-stop shop service allows you to quickly register for VAT in any EU territory, while providing guidance and support throughout the entire process.

VAT Compliance

To ensure that you comply with the various VAT requirements and avoid any unnecessary fines, you will also be required to file periodic declarations in each location where youíre eligible for VAT.

The requirements, formatting and administrative burden of completing a VAT return will vary from country to country, and depending on the nature of your business, you may have additional tax obligations that will also need to be adhered to.

For businesses seeking expert advice, Cross Border VAT Support Ltd can assist with:

  • VAT return requirements
  • The compilation of reports via our preferred software partner
  • Submitting reports.

VAT Consultancy

With decades of experience and knowledge in tax law throughout the world, our consultancy service helps to simplify the complexities of VAT and sales tax, ensuring that youíre not only compliant, but also free to manage the day to day running of your business.

Our consultancy services can provide:

  • Tailored consultancy based on your needs
  • Multilingual support
  • Advice on the complexities of VAT
  • Compliance reviews
  • VAT audit support
  • VAT compliance training

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