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Expanding Your Online Business

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Expanding Your Online Business

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What if the recession affects your business and your sales drop every month - can you afford to survive?

Samantha Milner

When you have an online business it is very important to think about the future of your business and this is when expanding your online business comes into play. Unlike owning a shop in a busy seaside town, you have to think all about the what-ifs, whether it is expanding on the niche that you are already involved in or building lots of new smaller income streams.

We always say no matter what niche that you are involved in you should always have the following as a basis for your online business:

  • A product to sell to others
  • A affiliate program tied in with your product
  • A free product tied in with your subscriber list
  • A Blog/Website to showcase your business/brand

But the time comes when you want to expand on this - what if the recession affects your business and your sales drop every month - can you afford to survive? This is when the time comes to have ten products instead of just one and slowly expanding your business so that if one of your products has a bad month it won't make much difference to you. Having a business of this size will also make it much easier to leave the employer and start out on your own.

But what happens if you already have your ten products and you are satisfied with the size of your business? Where do you go from there?

Its simple you expand on the products that you already have through the methods that you enjoy the most. If you like writing articles get as many as you can pointing at these products increasing the backlinks and adding to the credibility of this particular product. If you hate writing articles yet you have the money to put on the table consider buying premium domains that you can then forward to your website. This could include using and joining their auction service. When you sign up you will discover lots of domains with good monthly traffic for as low as $5 that are due to expire. Imagine how great your traffic would be if you pick up just ten domains with monthly traffic of 300 hits!

I have added a few recently and the results have been amazing I really can't complain and I will certainly be back for more of them. Instead of spending all the money that is there sat in your PayPal account keep a little percentage aside and use this for your business expansion plans. If you owned an offline business you would be expected to spend money on it and an online business is absolutely no different.

About the Author:

Samantha Milner is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the owner of DSM Publishing:

Head over to her website

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